Get Involved

Hazelwood House is supported by many caring people and businesses who believe in our mission and the individuals we support. Our gratitude can’t begin to be explained! As a non-profit organization, 100% of all donations will go directly into providing a high-quality day program for our participants. No matter how you choose to get involved, whether through a donation or by giving your time, we are beyond grateful for your support.

Please note Hazelwood House is a nonprofit organization. We are not a charity, therefore we are unable to issue tax receipts for donations.

Day programs like Hazelwood House are essential for individuals with developmental disabilities, especially when finished with high school. It provides individuals with social interaction, community involvement, life and social skill development while in a safe and welcoming environment.

It goes without saying we would be beyond grateful for your support. No matter the amount you choose to donate, every dollar makes a difference! All monetary donations go directly towards the day program and will be used for cleaning supplies, activities, special outings, crafts, food, etc. Along with a portion being set aside to purchase a new and larger location for Hazelwood House to call home.

Clients Love Us!

We treat our participants like family. As a result, our participants and their families continue to express their satisfaction with our programs.. We strive to exceed expectations and provide a comfortable environment where participants can laugh, learn, and grow.

Our family is beyond grateful for my son, Aaron, to be a valued member of Hazelwood House. This is a motivated and proactive group. Deanna and Jordan have created a program that is completely “in touch” with my sons personality and needs. Hazelwood House has proven to be the missing link for Aaron. This program had filled a void that has been missing since exiting from the school system at 21 years old. Each day Aaron is full of joy and excitement as he returns to where he is part of this caring community alongside his friends and peers. We are BLESSED!

The Shipleys

I first met Jordan from Hazelwood House when she was the camp counsellor for my boys at a day camp for special needs individuals. Jordan is a responsible, energetic, and independent young lady and my kids love her! She always has new ideas for activities that my kids love and enjoy! Both Jordan and Deanna have consistently worked alongside one another and all I can say is they are both amazing and very caring human beings! My boys love them and look forward to seeing them every time!