After receiving guidance from Public Health, Hazelwood House re-opened as of September 8th, 2020.

It was their recommendation to create the safest re-opening plan that would be in the best interest of participants and staff while still following the new COVID-19 government regulations. After a long discussion, we felt that the safest way to re-open while having health and safety be the number one priority was to create a core group that interacts with the same individuals every day to minimize the risks. At this time, Hazelwood House is at full capacity. That being said, we are creating and looking into solutions to accommodate new and existing participants as we understand the significance and benefit of finding safe ways to remain connected. Please check back for updates.


Hazelwood House has adopted a variety of COVID-19 protections and is keeping up to date on all the latest Public Health recommendations. Below you will find details about the safety measures Hazelwood House has in place:

  • Modified Programming.
  • Public Health Consultation.
  • COVID teaching & safety practices.
  • PPE requirements for all staff and for those participants who are able.
  • One core group interacting with the same individuals each day.
  • COVID-19 Screening Requirements for entry.
  • Above Standard Sanitizing & Cleaning.
  • Sneeze Guard on table tops.
  • Designated Seats for participants.
  • Designated bins for participant belongings.
  • Additional temperature reading at lunch and at the end of the day for each participant.

Additional Drop Off & Pick Up Details

  • Prior to leaving home each morning, parents/guardians of each participant must complete a COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire and verify the participant’s temperature.
  • A set pickup and drop off time is given to each participant. We ask that participants stay in their vehicle upon arrival. A staff member will then approach with a non-touch infrared thermometer to complete an additional temperature screening. Once completed, the staff member will accompany the participant to the entrance where they will sanitize their hands.
  • At the end of each day, participants will be accompanied to their vehicle. We ask parents/guardians to remain in their vehicle or if necessary, to remain by their vehicle with a mask on.

For more details, please contact regarding our COVID-19 Safety Measures.