About Us

Our History

Hazelwood House was established in 2019 by Deanna and Jordan Hazelwood. A mother/daughter duo sharing the same passion and mission to enrich the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities within their community. Deanna and Jordan both wanted to create an environment where individuals felt welcomed, safe and celebrated. Over the summer of 2020, Hazelwood House carried out a transition to becoming a registered nonprofit organization. Doing so has opened the door for grants, sponsorships, and donations, which will play a vital role in maintaining a high-quality day program. These potential funds would allow us to expand and create further programming opportunities, leading us one step closer to our goal of subsidizing the day program costs for those who face financial insecurities.

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Meet The Founders

DEANNA: Co-Founder, Co-Executive Director, President, Board Member

Hi, my name is Deanna, and I am one of the co-founders of Hazelwood House. Over the past 10 years, my career has involved collaborating, supporting, and connecting with children, youth and adults alike who have disabilities. Through my daughter and her best friend, I was first introduced to the amazing community that surrounds many individuals with disabilities. It was through their friendship that I discovered my true passion. I have always felt that my true calling in life is to help people. Every career opportunity I have been a part of reflects my passion and ability to help and care for others. Whether it was back in my Pharmacy Technician years, being a Human Resources Manager, supporting families with respite, or the days I did “Cooking with Deanna” at a local day program, all these choices, gifts and opportunities have led me to where I am today. I am beyond excited for what’s to come and am filled with joy to welcome new participants into the Hazelwood House Family.

JORDAN: Co-Founder, Co-Executive Director, Treasurer, Board Member

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Hi, my name is Jordan, and I am one of the co-founders of Hazelwood House. For many years and in many settings, I have volunteered assisting individuals who have disabilities. I’ve continued down this path and found myself making it my life’s work. I have had many opportunities working with children, youth and young adults who have disabilities, including positions as an assistant coordinator at a local social program and a program coordinator at a summer camp for kids with disabilities.

My passion and many of my experiences are owed to an amazing and beautiful soul named Rebecca. Rebecca and I met when we were eight years old. Little did I know, the “new girl” joining my grade three class was going to have a tremendous impact on my life.

See, Rebecca has Cerebral Palsy. She uses a wheelchair as a form of mobility and a Dynavox to communicate. Our abilities never stopped us from becoming the best of friends, and from that moment on, we were attached at the hip. Throughout our friendship, Rebecca has so effortlessly taught me strength, adaptability, gratitude, confidence, passion, genuine happiness, and the list can go on forever. But, 15 years later and with the utmost appreciation, I can say I owe it all to you, Rebecca. You made me look at the world through a different lens, made me want to make a difference and gave me the tools to do so. I sit here today because of a friendship of a lifetime and the positive impact my best friend has had on me.

I am beyond grateful and excited to welcome people with all abilities into the Hazelwood House family.

Clients Love Us!

We treat our participants like family. As a result, our participants and their families continue to express their satisfaction with our programs.. We strive to exceed expectations and provide a comfortable environment where participants can laugh, learn, and grow.

I first met Jordan from Hazelwood House when she was the camp counsellor for my boys at a day camp for special needs individuals. Jordan is a responsible, energetic, and independent young lady and my kids love her! She always has new ideas for activities that my kids love and enjoy! Both Jordan and Deanna have consistently worked alongside one another and all I can say is they are both amazing and very caring human beings! My boys love them and look forward to seeing them every time!


Hazelwood House is an amazing day program. The staff are always welcoming to everyone that they encounter and they make their participants feel a part of their family. They provide a safe, fun, and accepting environment, that always adapts to many special needs.

Sean & Erica